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Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas morning, if only for another hour. There’s family, and food, and even snow. And the boxer, of course. I’m looking out the window at the snow, with a mug of coffee and some knitting. One sock on double-points, one pair of socks on two circular needles. I wanted to learn something new and […]

Endlessly entertaining

Boxer, on encountering snow for the first time. Wait. This is not right. Are you sure we should go out there? Really? Mom? Mom? Really? NOT RIGHT. *sticks snow in shrubbery* *snow falls on nose* *licks nose* *cautious advance out from under porch* Mom, you’re sure, right? Hey! Everything smells DIFFERENT! Mom, we need to […]

Oh so many things

We prepared thoroughly for Sandy, as it was predicted to run right over us with associated winds and heavy rain. The possibility of extended power outages, so we readied water, food, flashlights, solar chargers, all the goodies. But unlike points east, the storm was fairly trivial. The power only flickered, and while Penn State closed […]

Friday lunkhead

Trygvi is settling in. He’s filled out nicely, and he’s going to be so disappointed when we stop cramming him full of food and settle on a maintenance diet. We’ve gone through two dog beds, and all the squeaky toys,even the new nearly indestructible one. Try has learned some basics, like “sit” and “leave it,” […]


“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!” Meet Trygvi. (Trygvi: from the Old Norse word for faithful, essentially the Viking version of Fido.) He’s a year-old boxer mix, more or less. He’s a rescue, so we don’t really know, but that’s what the vet thinks. We’ve had him for two and a half […]

Grow, little thing

I’m going to write about Peters Valley, but the internet at home has been erratic so it’s been impossible to upload many photos. (And if you have my home phone and tried to call, I haven’t gotten it, as the phone connection is even worse. Verizon might send someone out in a couple weeks if […]

Stay hydrated

All of you in heat-stricken areas, please be careful and drink a lot of water today. Here’s Morgan the Ferocious Monster to show you how it’s done. And remember, everything you have actually belongs to the cat. This public service announcement has been brought to you by Felines First.

Truly ferocious

This is a much happier story. We also took Morgan the Ferocious Monster to the vet last week. He’s also quite ancient, well over seventeen. About a year ago he developed some digestive problems, so I switched his food and completely quit feeding him any human food whatsoever. Morgan was happy with half of that […]

Someplace else to be

I’ll start with the punchline, so you’re not lulled into thinking this is a happy post. Nick and I took Grendel to the vet this morning and had him put to sleep. Renal failure, finally, but he’s been steadily getting more elderly (and not just older): failing hips, heart murmur. The walks have been getting […]


The World’s Smallest Pea Patch is getting an upgrade this year (and no, I’m not changing its name, even though it no longer is true). But isn’t this sharp: I have one more to install, giving me three 4x4ft raised beds. The first one is nearly full of perennials already. I transplanted in the strawberries, […]