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The World’s Smallest Pea Patch is getting an upgrade this year (and no, I’m not changing its name, even though it no longer is true). But isn’t this sharp: I have one more to install, giving me three 4x4ft raised beds. The first one is nearly full of perennials already. I transplanted in the strawberries, […]

Spring Creek Canyon

My current favorite hiking destination: Spring Creek Canyon. Scenic, close to home, interesting things to look at. And it quite looks like a canyon, too, at least in spots. You’ll be utterly unsurprised to hear that most of my photographic efforts have gone toward pictures of plants and fungi. But this last trip we saw […]

Today I mean yesterday

Writing the text and uploading the photos is not so useful without also posting them, it seems. Today was filled with an all-day meeting, but the roomful of visiting and local scientists did manage to get outside for a while, to check out the local watershed from top… … to bottom. This is a nasty […]

When ducks attack

The babies have gotten big. They aren’t able to fly yet, and are still all fuzzy and cute. Nick and I ate dinner outside on campus, and were immediate beset on all sides by ravenous and horribly spoiled ducks. And I do mean beset. And all sides. They snuck up from behind, one ran across […]

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled weather

Ike blew through last night, with 50 mile an hour gusts even this far from landfall. There were branches down all over town this morning, but nothing worse. All the rain stayed in Chicago; we could have used a bit, and I’m sure they would have been happy to not get quite as much. The […]