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Fiber, science, fiction

For those of you interested in science fiction, I have a short essay on fabric and worldbuilding at Science in My Fiction today.

Something from the internet

Someday I will post my own stuff again… but meanwhile here’s something interesting. Silkworms engineered to produce spider silk If Spider-Man ever ran out of webs, he could now enlist an army of silkworms to spin extra high-tensile spider silk. Scientists have created a genetically modified silkworm that spins a new kind of silk: a […]

In pursuit of color

Despite my hopes, I did not get to spend the day dyeing fiber. We were out of dog food, needed groceries, had to go to the bank, the hardware. None of those were compatible with anything I wanted to do, yet all needed done. I did get the dyeing prepwork done. Those are all 1% […]