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Happy Halloween!

String. And Halloween. Hm. How about a needle lace jack-o-lantern? Or maybe some medieval ghoulies? Wodewoses, even! Perhaps you need this wonderful early 16th c. German rosary? In much more recent history, that hysteria about Martians invading? It just isn’t so.

It really looks more like this

I’ve run out of brightly-dyed skeins to photograph, so I’m forced to show photos of what February really looks like in central Pennsylvania. February is a dreary gray month here, but the sky was not pitch black when I left work today so there’s hope. I have some creative and colorful links for your enjoyment. […]

The Elder Vegetables

No, not the chard in the back of the crisper drawer. Let me present to you the Candrake: and Cthulot. The things that happen when I don’t work all weekend… What can I say, except that it’s almost Halloween. And that crocheting tentacles is a lot of fun.

Ack! Deadlines!

Many things to get done by tomorrow to make editors happy, make bosses happy, and maybe get a bit of the long weekend for myself. Three things to share with you all: 1. Still raining! 2. In all the busyness I completely forgot to plug the PA Endless Mountains Fiber Festival next weekend (!!!), Sept […]