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Not enough stuff

I don’t think I have enough things to actually make up a post, but I don’t want them to get lost, so here you are. A whole new perspective on Penn State squirrels Medieval medical science (yes with pictures; you’ve been warned) Commander Chris Hadfield on Zen Pencils. What are you going to do today?

When ducks attack

The babies have gotten big. They aren’t able to fly yet, and are still all fuzzy and cute. Nick and I ate dinner outside on campus, and were immediate beset on all sides by ravenous and horribly spoiled ducks. And I do mean beset. And all sides. They snuck up from behind, one ran across […]

A bit of State College

Beautiful morning today! I went to WC Clarke’s (fondly known as the Cheese Shoppe) on my way to work to pick up some coffee beans, thus avoiding the terrible perils of undercaffeination. I could tell from a block away that this was a roasting morning. Bill has some of the best coffee anywhere. Mmmmm! Coffee […]

The structure of things

In which Phiala talks very little about string. You can pretty much all skip this (except for the last paragraph). I spent the entire day wresting with structural equation modeling (SEM). Now, don’t get me wrong – I actually like statistics, and computer programming stuff, and have an R package on CRAN and everything. I […]