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Not actually sucked into space

Just alternating “out of town” with “ferociously busy”. After the end of the month things will calm down considerably. Right? Before then, there’s Complex Weavers next week (say hi if you’ll be there), and a whole pile of end of year stuff for work. It may be September, but the garden is still going. Well-supervised, […]


Lunch today: peas, lettuce, tomatoes, blackberries and raspberries from the garden. Blueberries and bread from the CSA. Yum. And it’s supposed to rain today, which will make the garden happy.

Grow, little thing

I’m going to write about Peters Valley, but the internet at home has been erratic so it’s been impossible to upload many photos. (And if you have my home phone and tried to call, I haven’t gotten it, as the phone connection is even worse. Verizon might send someone out in a couple weeks if […]

So cute

You all realize you’re in for a seemingly-endless stream of garden photos, right? There’s also string: the gallery show at Peters Valley Craft Center is available online (and catalog). There’s still time to sign up for my class, too.


The World’s Smallest Pea Patch is getting an upgrade this year (and no, I’m not changing its name, even though it no longer is true). But isn’t this sharp: I have one more to install, giving me three 4x4ft raised beds. The first one is nearly full of perennials already. I transplanted in the strawberries, […]

Gravity works, just give it time

The giant wasp nest finally fell. It looked like that October and hung on all winter, progressively raggedier, peeling around the edges, but still attached to the maple. It was during the wet and windy snowstorm, I think, but I didn’t notice the carcass right away. Now it’s slowly turning into pulp in my front […]

March flowers

March didn’t kill me, I’m pleased to report. Not that it didn’t try rather hard, and I’m not out of the crunch yet, but the biggest and most important things are well in hand. I think. Though I’m pretty sure that mowing the lawn, as I did Friday, wasn’t on the schedule for another few […]


The snowdrops are nearly done blooming. The daffodils have been up for about a week. The crocuses are coming up. I haven’t seen the Siberian iris yet, but I expect it any minute. This caught my eye as I left the house this morning. Then I looked closer, and ran inside to find my DSLR, […]

Highly relevant information

Between the post office, national research programs, the quirks of training robots, and an outbreak of zombies, I’m still swamped. But I still save you goodies, just so you know I haven’t forgotten you. Thematic but medieval cartoons. This was yesterday. That’s a warm, early bed, but yesterday was February 13. A list of obsolete […]

Changing seasons

Everyone is preparing for autumn. Baking season has begun, with sourdough cinnamon bread. Next week is my last field trip of the season. The bees are frantically collecting every last drop of nectar. Knitting is starting to sound appealing again. Working with wool just isn’t much fun during a 90F summer like we’ve had this […]