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The famous exploded knife

If you are prone to having problems with exploding meat, you are likely to develop a close relationship with a knifemaker who can repair the aftereffects. Let me back up a step. I have never exploded meat. Other things maybe, but we won’t talk about that right now. Regular readers might remember me mentioning a […]

A tribute to John Scalzi

John Scalzi just won a Hugo for writing about bacon online. Or something like that. Scalzi was also nominated for Best Novel, and lost by only 9 votes, but the bacon is obviously far more important. So, to honor John Scalzi for his achievements, I present to you… … bacon chocolate cheesecake. No really. (And […]

Alexander Calder’s jewelry

I’ve always liked Alexander Calder’s work, especially the mobiles. The grace and the balance with which those red and black pieces of steel were assembled makes them a pleasure to watch. The mobiles especially hit that intriguing interface between art and mathematics and science. NPR this morning had an article on Calder’s jewelry in honor […]

Short stories

Continuing this week’s apparent writing theme, here’s a short bit by author and editor Nick Mamatas on what editors want from short stories. Not only is it inspiring, I acquired an excellent new phrase (embellished further in the comments). (I’m, er, not going to repeat it here so that my mother can maintain the appearance […]

Holiday fun

Complex Weavers was wonderful. I met many people, attended interesting classes, spent plenty of time on a hammock by the beach chattering away with Laura, and all the other things you might expect. Now I’m home, and engaged with yard work, house cleaning, and all those things that accumulate when you step out for even […]


This is something of a guest post, as these aren’t my adventures, but rather Tamie’s. Still, I’m the one writing about them (with her permission), though I fully expect to have her add her own perspective in the comments section. First of all, let me point out that this sort of behavior is why Tamie […]

Worldwide Knit in Public Day

Oh yeah… writing this, then letting it sit in my files until mid-June would not be helpful, so I should actually post it. Worldwide Knit in Public Day is Saturday June 14 this year. Go somewhere and knit! Demonstrate to the world that knitters are everywhere, and in all ages and genders and attitudes. For […]


I have a bunch of stuff to talk about over the next day or two – sheep, spinning, knitting, creativity and inspiration, gardening, the tail end of that meme… Here’s the first installment – terribly neat stuff involving horses (real) and swords (fake). The goal is to knock the crest off your opponent’s helmet. PS […]