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Gravity works, just give it time

The giant wasp nest finally fell. It looked like that October and hung on all winter, progressively raggedier, peeling around the edges, but still attached to the maple. It was during the wet and windy snowstorm, I think, but I didn’t notice the carcass right away. Now it’s slowly turning into pulp in my front […]

Continuing last weekend

Today is chill and raining, but I have photos from last weekend for you. Only a week behind – pretty good, given my recent track record. Not that you would know, dear reader, because you can’t see the half-written posts with photos from months ago that I still intend to finish… Complete with eastern tent […]

Rainy Friday Photos

Today is wet and chilly, so to brighten things up I have a couple of photos from earlier this week. Definitely not gray and glum! In keeping with this month’s theme of special days, let’s all wish Nick a happy birthday! His present? A trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art to see the Austrian […]