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A veritable feast

The New Year started like this (and apologies to those who’ve seen this, but photos of dawn on 1/1 are rather indistinguishable). It continued with a great deal of cooking and eating. We’ve gotten together with Lynn and Charlie very nearly every New Year’s Day that we’ve been in the same state. This was the […]

More medieval housewife

Since I didn’t get any pictures of myself at the demo, I made sure to get a few this past weekend. I’m about to lose my veil! I think this may be the best photo of Grendel I’ve ever taken. I didn’t get it in time for last weekend’s trip, as the car place decided […]

Please help

I have 979 pages of grant proposals to read this weekend. If you see me wandering the internet, please smack me and tell me to go back to work. Ignore any and all pleading and claims of “just taking a break”. We all know how that works, don’t we? Just one blog, and three hours […]

Happy Houseday!

Today is my house’s birthday, as my house anyway. Much like a stray cat, I don’t really know when its birthday is, though I do know my house is considerably older than I am. We were told it was built in the 1930s, at least the first part, but it doesn’t show up on the […]