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Medieval life

I got this from matociquala quite some time ago, and yet didn’t get it posted. They got a lot of things right; I only saw one thing that make me cringe. This article suggests that codpieces were a medical as well as fashion statement. It sounds like a “just so story” to me, but it […]

A veritable feast

The New Year started like this (and apologies to those who’ve seen this, but photos of dawn on 1/1 are rather indistinguishable). It continued with a great deal of cooking and eating. We’ve gotten together with Lynn and Charlie very nearly every New Year’s Day that we’ve been in the same state. This was the […]

April Friday

It’s 81F out there. The tiny cute tulips are getting bigger. (Just be glad I haven’t been inflicting daily progress reports on you.) The daffodils are beginning. I worked my tail off and made my big mistaken deadline, and got a whole bunch of other stuff done this week, most of which you don’t really […]

The list

Things to do this weekend (the Sunday update): Fill out and mail census form. Done. Finish judging papers. Done. Complete an essay. Figure out how/what to cram into my CW handout from the huge body of research. Now need to do that cramming. Admire the baby tulips. (today when it’s sunny and warm) Start cleaning […]

Public Service Announcement

The sun is out for the fourth day in a row. I’m liking March so far. Sunlight, warmth… my mood is so much better. I would probably even have snowdrops, if they weren’t under here. The front flowerbed is by the front walk so that it can be admired several times a day. But it’s […]

Well then

Somehow the three-day weekend has completely gotten away from me. Here it is, Sunday afternoon, and all the things I was going to do are undone. I read a novel, and played games on the computer, and watched Criminal Minds, and chatted with friends and enjoyed Irish music. I guess that’s what people do on […]

A change in perspective

Sometimes all you need is a change in perspective. I’d offered quite some time ago to spin some yarn for a friend who knits, in exchange for barter to be determined later (always fun, with the right kind of person). At the time, I’d been doing a lot of wheel spinning, and so my mental […]


“Start as you mean to go on” seems to be the general consensus on the new year. If that’s the way it works, though, my 2009 is going to be late and disorganized. Four days into the year and I’m already desperately behind and overcommitted, just as I ended 2008. Not undoable, just requires a […]

A couple of unrelated links

A couple of completely unrelated things found online… Melissa Etheridge weighs in on the passing of Prop 8 in California. I read this interview with artist Lisa Snellings-Clark when it first came out, but one part stuck in my head, and I have to share. Lisa said: “Jane Frank gave me a great piece of […]

Happy Blogday!

First we had Houseday, and now it’s Blogday! (Why yes, it is all about me, thank you for noticing!) One year ago today was the first post on String Notes (although of course the whole stringpage site has been around for a while). Like many beginning bloggers, I wasn’t sure if I would stick with […]