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A week off

I’m off to the Complex Weavers 2008 Seminar. Yes, it’s in Tampa at the end of June, and no, Peter Collingwood won’t be able to attend, but it will be just full of string geekery and other fibery goodness. I’m taking some interesting-sounding classes, including a couple that are well outside my usual interest zone. […]

Say what???

Yesterday… pouring rain and cold. And as if that weren’t bad enough, the forecast for last night and this morning used the s-word*, although it was later changed to the f-word**. Sheesh! It’s nearly May, the flowers are blooming, the trees are leafing out… and the prognosticators invoke the s-word! I didn’t stay up late […]

Problem solved

Laura and I are going to Complex Weavers in Tampa, FL this summer. Peter Collingwood is the guest of honor – you know I’ll be there! That was the easy part. But Convergence is right before it, also in Tampa, and I’ve been debating whether to go to the giant weaving conference as well as […]

100 Unicorns

You may have noticed that there hasn’t been a post all week. (Bear with me as I maintain the delusion that I have regular readers!) That isn’t for lack of interesting things to talk about, believe me (and not even any more of those statistics equations, though if you happen to be interested… no, probably […]

Historical Perspective

People have been making or working with string for thousands of years. They’ve been turning it into fabric practical or impractical, into thicker laces, fancy or plain, and into whatever else the fertile human imagination could conceive, and nimble fingers enact. There are more ways to make string into other things that I can ever […]

Weaving 101: Weaving (finally!)

Everything is ready: you know a bit about weaving, your warp is ready, and the heddles are tied. After all that setup, the weaving will be easy. Your loom should look something like this. You’ll need a couple more things. First, a shuttle to hold your weft while you weave. Nobody likes a tangled weft. […]

Weaving 101: Heddles

In previous installments, we learned about weaving and measured and set up the warp. This is where we left off: The warp has been measured, attached to the loom, and split into its upper and lower layers, creating a shed. You could weave the band without the shed, by using a needle or something to […]

Web finds

I didn’t learn to tie my shoes until I was already in school. I remember practicing on a spool of rope while waiting for the schoolbus. There was a large window facing a half-mile clear chunk of road, so in the winter if you kept an eye on the top of the far hill, there […]

Weaving 101: Revision

Apparently there are some problems with the warping section of my Weaving 101 series. I’ve gone back through and edited it; I hope this helps. It’s the job of an introductory tutorial to introduce and teach, and I’m quite willing to work through bits that aren’t clear. I can’t do anything about the speed at […]

Q & A!

Oh, wow! I actually have enough people with questions that I can do a Q & A session! Laura: I had been wondering what you’d do about dyeing once the sun heads south for the winter. Stove? The variegated and multicolored ones will go in the oven instead of the solar oven. I use the […]