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It’s curtains for you!

Pie. And local potatoes, and sweet potatoes, and squash. Chicken. Did I mention pie? Oh yes! I spent a day and a half making curtains. Nick’s mom is getting warm quilted custom curtains for Christmas, but even though it isn’t cold yet (ridiculously warm, in fact, for Pennsylvania in November) I didn’t want to wait […]

Chop wood, carry water

It didn’t rain this weekend! At all! I celebrated by committing mayhem with the pruning shears. and also the other side of the house, and started the semi-annual ivy removal project. Can you tell? No really, that’s an “after” – I took all three photos at the same time. Now it looks like an ordinarily […]

Three-hour tour

I was so on the ball: I got the photos from Peters Valley Craft Center posted to Flickr the day after I got back. The accompanying text? Not so much. Peters Valley Craft Center is gorgeous, out in the woods in the Delaware Water Gap. Most or all of the former village of Bevans has […]

Computer woes

I have a netbook, and it goes everywhere with me (nearly; the Nook Color is much smaller and has superseded it for some excursions). It’s in the kitchen a lot, for looking up recipes, playing music, chatting while I cook. I’ve gotten flour in it, chocolate, all sorts of things, but it’s a robust little […]

Random things and rain

It’s Friday. I have a long weekend. I will likely spend it working, since it’s TOO WET TO GARDEN. STILL. We dodged yesterday’s severe thunderstorms and incipient tornado, but still got minor thunderstorms and lots of rain. AGAIN. Forecast for the weekend: more of the same. See? Gray skies. This was one of the nicer […]