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Fingerloop fibers

This will be put on the sales site in more detail, but since I was just asked a question. This is a 5-loop fingerloop braid done in the silks and cottons that I carry. (Linens yet to come.) From left to right: 6-ply rayon, 20/2 silk, 60/2 silk, scale marker, 8/2 unmercerized cotton, 10/2 mercerized […]

Problem solved

Laura and I are going to Complex Weavers in Tampa, FL this summer. Peter Collingwood is the guest of honor – you know I’ll be there! That was the easy part. But Convergence is right before it, also in Tampa, and I’ve been debating whether to go to the giant weaving conference as well as […]

Pretty, pretty string

Silk, linen, cotton, rayon, in colors and sizes, but all neatly arrayed in hundred-yard skeins. They are posed with their hundred-yard skeiner, a two-yard PVC reel with a counter. The counter is very, very important! The reel can be used on a table, as here, and also has a floor stand so it can be […]

Buttons, braids and books

It was too cold and snowy to go outside, so I spent the weekend indoors doing interesting things with string. (Also too dangerous – there was a 9-car pileup here in white-out conditions, and a 60-something car pileup in eastern PA.) Needle-lace buttons… … and matching fingerloop braids… … as decorative book closures. The book […]

Maybe there’s something wrong with me

And Tamie. Or maybe we’re just working too hard. Let me describe the symptoms. At 7:00PM last night we were still at work, sitting in her office, running the new Minitab distribution fitter on some watershed data, and giggling at the results. Statistics. Giggling. 7:00PM. Something is seriously wrong here, don’t you think? We both […]


I feel so grownup. This weekend we bought new furniture, from an actual furniture store. Okay, it was on clearance, but still… It took under two minutes for them to receive the Morgan seal of approval. I don’t think we’d carried everything in from the car before he was happily perched on one of them. […]

Fall colors…

…in my dyepot, along with some rarely seen in nature. All properly supervised, of course. I’m not sure he approves. I took a badly-needed Friday off, and spent that and the rest of the weekend up to my elbows in dye. I now have umpty-thousand yards of cotton, silk and rayon, in various weights and […]

Web finds

I didn’t learn to tie my shoes until I was already in school. I remember practicing on a spool of rope while waiting for the schoolbus. There was a large window facing a half-mile clear chunk of road, so in the winter if you kept an eye on the top of the far hill, there […]

Pennsylvania string

Coming up soon: the fourth annual Pennsylvania Fiber Festival, to be held at the Harford County Fairgrounds on September 8 and 9. (That’s between Binghamton and Scranton.) To be honest, I didn’t realize that this had been going on for the past three years, or I would have been there! There are vendors, of course, […]

Getting your string in shape

So you rushed out and bought some weaving yarn, right? (Any excuse for stash enhancement, right, and “Phiala told me to!” has been used in the past to good effect.) If you bought something on a cone or ball, then you can skip all of the steps on the rest of this page. But read […]