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Upcoming classes

Look at that! A great heap of new frame looms! Those are part of my preparations for the Fiber ArtsFest to be held in Huntingdon, PA, on September 18 and 19. What am I teaching? This! And this! And this! And this! Look like fun? You still have time to sign up for classes.


Oldest string found: 90,000 year old Neanderthal string. Dinovember. This is just delightful. The eggs! And the crayons… Bookbinding. I was going to email this to Laura, but I thought that some of you all might like to see it as well. While the entire set is amazing (I got the link from an archivist […]

Bad influence

The Interweave Hurt Book Sale is going on right now, but not for much longer.

So cute

You all realize you’re in for a seemingly-endless stream of garden photos, right? There’s also string: the gallery show at Peters Valley Craft Center is available online (and catalog). There’s still time to sign up for my class, too.

Sorting things

I’m sorting through the last batch of class submissions for FFF (a draft schedule will be available tonight), cleaning up my email, trying to get a few things organized. I have some tabs open and some emails I saved to tell you about. this is also not my cat (sorry, can’t embed). There’s an online […]

The Vikings are coming!

And an interesting article on khipus. Too bad they don’t actually know anything.

Three things, with photos

I somehow managed to schedule an undoable amount of work for this week, and have now had some additional meetings added, so I may be scarce around the internet this week. Fun things I did this weekend: Dyed a series of wool skeins to match the same colorwheel I did with the Lanaset dyes on […]


The event was fabulous, thanks to many, many helpful volunteers. Nobody went hungry, and I saw some folks even taking seconds. I’ll put recipes up soon, but not tonight. Since I’m too tired to do much other than lay around on the couch with the dog and the cat, instead I’ll catch up on some […]

String Comic

Real Life Comics today: yarn shops!

String Puzzle, amended

Yes, everyone thinks the gizmo looks like a bobbin winder of some sort. But here’s where we’re most perplexed: The putative bobbin area is hourglass shaped. There isn’t an obvious way to mount a pirn or quill, and how would you get it off if you wound directly onto the shaft? My friend didn’t get […]