Fabric, Fiber, Fighting, Fencing and Fishing (etc) IX

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FFF will be held Nov 18-20 in Lamar, PA.

Documentation: Tips and Tricks
Mistress Alicia Langland
Too timid to enter AS competitions because you think your documentation isn't all it should be? This class will cover what to include in your documentation along with tips on how to present it for maximum effect. Samples of documentation for actual projects will give you ideas for writing your own. We will also address the question: "I've made my entry; now, how do I get started on my documentation?" If you're already thinking ahead to Ice Dragon, bring your research materials, references, and your project (idea, work-in-progress, finished piece) to get on-the-spot help in writing your documentation.
Class Limit: Will bring 20 copies of the class handout
Level: Beginner
Time: 1 Hour
Materials: none
Student Supplies: Pen and paper for note-taking, if desired

Stick with me: secrets of hide glue unlocked
Master Bedwyr Danwyn
Need an extra couple of points to push you over the top at Ice Dragon? Learn all about hide glue, with emphasis on textile applicability. Discover not only how easy hide glue is to use, but how you can make your own from rawhide dog chews from the dollar store.
Class length: 1 hour
Limit: none
Fees: none

Beginning Fingerloop Braiding
Lady Byrgida Zajacszowa
Make pretty ropey bits to tie things, for trim, for key chains, for book marks, etc.
Handout $1 1 hour, Limit 5

Flax: From Straw to String
THLady Brienna Llewellyn Lindsey and THLady Fiadnata o Gleann Alainn
Did you ever want to know how we get linen thread? This is your chance to find out!!! The first part of the class we will demonstrate how to make a Flax strick in a Flax-Off as Lady Fiadnata will be bringing her equipment and Lady Brienna will bring her newest fiber tools acquisition, an antique German Flax Brake and antique flax heckles (hackles). During the second part of the class, Lady Brienna will show how to dress a distaff and spin from the distaff. Bring your own distaff, ribbon and spindle as there will be a limited supply of long sticks. The class will be taught outside as processing flax is dusty. Be advised that flax is a grass and can affect those with grass allergies.
Time: 2 hours

Fancy Knots
Master Egill the Dane
Need a lovely way to finish off that fiber -- string, cord, or rope -- project. We will examine several interesting knots, and learn to tie at least a couple. The knots in question will have visual similarity. They will be instructive and a good starting point to learn even more. We will discuss structure, terms, construction, possible uses, etc. We will be examining at least one period example - indirectly - as our starting point. It is my hope that we can encourage the absolute beginner and interest the seasoned fiber artist. Donation for handouts and materials
Time: 1 hour
Limit: 10

Introduction to Brocaded Tablet Weaving
THLady Fiadnata o Gleann Alainn
Come learn how to add some Period bling to your trim. Brocading looks complex, and adds a feeling of luxury to your garb, but is simple to weave! We'll look at pictures of quite a few period examples, and then examine some samples to see how it's done. If you can count, you can brocade -- come see how!
One hour, probably in the morning.
No limit.
No fee; donation for handout.

A Case for Embroidery Samplers
Lady Jaqueline de Molieres
A very brief discussion of embroidery samplers and the importance of making them. I will show examples of my own embroidered experiments and trials, along with pictures of period embroidery. A handout will be presented with the most basic of embroidery stitches a Medieval lady probably knew, and supplies will be on hand for class participants to begin their own sampler.
One hour, no fee. It would be helpful if students have their own basic sewing kit, but I will have most everything needed if they don't.

Ply-split braiding
Mistress Phiala O'Ceallaigh
Obscure fiber arts? We've got those! This one, not known to Western anthropologists until the 1970s, turns out to fall within SCA period, or plausibly so. Discussion of history and potential history, and hands-on instruction. $2 fee for materials; tools available for separate purchase after class.

Synthetic Dyes for Natural Fibers
Mistress Phiala O'Ceallaigh
In an ideal world all our fibers would be naturally-dyed. But I don't live in that world. Sometimes for reasons of convenience, cost or repeatability synthetics are a better choice. But which dyes for which fibers? Where to get them? Will they look glaringly modern?
1 hour; no limit; no fee

The REAL Medieval Spinning Wheel- DIY build plans
Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa
Inexpensive re-creation of the Decretals Manuscript (~1330 CE) spinning wheel. This fits into compact car, knocked down. This wheel is a spindle wheel with a hoop rim. New material cost is $70 (found material MUCH cheaper), made from Loew's/Home Depot materials in Poplar. Demo of bending the hoop rim in class. Students should bring a camera and notepad- bringing a woodworker is also helpful if you don't work in wood. Mid-level woodworking skills.
$2.00 for a handout.
1 hour. (time after class to use the wheel itself in evening)

Snartemo Patterning
Viscountess Rosalind Ashworthe
This is an intermediate level tablet weaving class, breaking down the Snartemo technique (4 color TW with pattern floats). We will be doing some hands on weaving with pre-threaded cards, and a pattern, then break down the technique to learn how to pattern yourself.
Fee: $2, all materials provided
Limit 6
Time: 2 hours