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Preliminary class schedule

Aibell ingen Dairmata
The Bliaut throughout 12th Century Europe
The bliaut, a garment popular for about 50 years during the 12th century, is
known for its excessive droopy sleeves and tight waist. Facets of the bliaut
can be seen expressed differently in the varied cultures of Europe. This
class will take a look at the bliaut across Europe using paintings,
sculpture, and recreated garments on Barbie Dolls.
1 hour

Mistress Alicia Langland
Thorsbjerg  Trousers:  Pants That Last!
Ladies, are you sick and tired of repairing your husband's pants that
have ripped in unmentionable places?  I was, until I started making
these pants for my husband!
Based on trousers from a northern European Iron Age burial, these pants
are suitable from Iron Age to medieval Irish personae.
After a brief introduction to the find, we will discuss suitable
fabrics, seams, and the pattern.
After class, instructor will be available for one-on-one assistance.  If you wish 
to cut out a full-size pattern to take home, please bring paper or cheap cloth for 
your pattern, scissors, and a marker.  If you want to go home with a finished pair 
of pants, bring supplies and equipment for sewing (by hand or machine) as well as 
3 yards of 45"-wide wool or linen cloth. If you have questions prior to the event, 
contact Alicia at hutchnsn at bucknell dot edu.
1 hour for overview and discussion.  No class limit;  $1 fee for handout.

Master Bedwyr Danwyn
Get to the Point!
Bedwyr will demonstrate how to make period points (aiglettes and cord) using common 
tools and skills. There will also be a guest appearance by Mistress Rhiannon who will 
show you shortcuts to make aiglettes using mundane materials with commercial cord, 
ribbon and lucet.
Length is one hour, no limit or fee.

Lady Brienna Llewellyn Lindsay
Working with Flax and Linen
This is a round table discuss about working with flax and linen, from spinning to
weaving.  The main purpose is to exchange ideas, sources and tricks.
Class length: 1 hr. No limits or fees.

Lady Byrgida Zajacszowa
Beginning Fingerloop Braiding
Make pretty ropey bits to tie things, for trim, for key chains, for book marks, etc.
Handout $1  1 hour, Limit 5

Master Egill the Dane
Tying It All Up: The Language of Knots
A class of knotting essentials, with an emphasis on knots useful to Scadians.
Topics include some history and identification, an ability to describe and
duplicate knots. Working with stranded natural fiber rope as well braided
rope and cord will be covered. This is for beginners through intermediate
ability. Materials are limited to 10 or fewer students. A donation for
materials is welcome but not required. 1 Hour

Master Egill the Dane
Tying One On: Fancy Knots and Rope
Continuing with knots, with an emphasis on decorative knots to finish projects,
or the ends of rope. Working with natural fiber rope as well braided cord will
be covered. This could be called an intermediate to advanced knot practicum.
Materials are limited to 10 or fewer students. A donation for materials is
welcome but not required. 1 Hour

Mistress Euriol of Lothian
Decorative Embroidery for Garb
Stem stitch, chain stitch and blackwork, Oh my! 
You have learned many of the basic stitches of embroidery, but now what? 
This class will be an overview of extant secular embroidered garments in
order to determine the pratical application of decorative embroidery to garb
1 hour, $1 for CD of handout 
(Download free http://casbal.100webspace.net/classes/Decorative_Embroidery.pdf)

Mistress Euriol of Lothian
Euriol's little Book of Secrets: Creating Reversible Blackwork
Blackwork can be a daunting embroidery style just to make look nice on 
one side, but both? Learn the secrets of creating reversible blackwork
1 hour, $1 for embroidery kit.

THLady Fiadnata o Gleann Alainn
Flax Preparation: From Grass to Fiber
Come get acquainted with flax preparation as a process. We will go from retted 
stalks (with a discussion on retting in the stream outside) to fibers that 
should be ready to spin. Be prepared for chaff and dust to fly -- if we get a 
warm day, we may move outside to save on clean-up mess.
1 hour or more

Freifrau Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen
Smocking for aprons and shirts
Smocking was used for a variety of decorative uses in the late Middle
Ages and Renaissance.  Smocked aprons are found in the Lutrell Psalter
and German artwork.  The collars and cuffs of shirts and chemises were
also decorated with smocking.  Learn more about this technique with a
hands-on class focusing on honeycomb smocking.
1 hour, materials for 10, additional students welcome to attend, no fees

Gudrun Thorsteinsdottir
Title of class: Sheep Breeds and Their Wool
Brief description:  Class will cover the range of different types of wool
from fine to coarse.  Participants will be able to handle many different
types of wool as well as some exotic fibers.  Also covered will be how to
recognize fleeces with damage.
1 hour, no limit, no fee

Name: Hrefna fruthikona Thorgrimsdottir
Title: An Sampler of "Stem" Stitches
Description: Elizabethan and Jacobian sweet bags often depicted ornate
embroidered flowers with stems growing from the bottom of the bag. The stitches
that created those stems are beautiful and complex. Students will recreate many
of these stitches in a small sampler. Bring a hoop, needle, fabric and thread or
buy one of a small number of kits for $3.
Time: 1.5 hours (or 1 hour if followed by a break)

The SCA for the Thrifty
This class is designed to help the budget-conscious learn how to find and 
re-appropriate materials for a more period appropriate persona. Emphasis is on 
clothes and accessories with a project handout for ideas. 
1 hour, no limit, no fee.

Lord Mikael "Kael" McCue
Overview of Sprang:
Part 1: A discussion of the sprang technique of creating fabric including how it is
done, what can be done with it and examples of some period pieces.  The class is
appropriate for people who have never heard of sprang or for experienced sprangers
who are looking for new styles to explore.
1 hour, Handouts: $1 

Lord Mikael "Kael" McCue
Overview of Sprang:
Part 2: Some hands on time to experiment with sprang.  Some frames will be set up
for students to share or people can use their own. Part 2 is an optional practicum
session for students who attended part 1. 
1 hour

Mistress Marsi of Hadley
Basic Beading Techniques
Kits will be provided to learn hands on how to beautify the edges of fabric 
or leather items. A technique of 2-needle applique for couching beads will 
also be demonstrated. Students may practice this technique as time allows.
Bring your bi-focals - these needles are tiny.
Class length - 1 hour, limits - kits for 5 people, fees - $5, and special 
needs (if any) - Bi-focals :-)

Mistress Phiala O'Ceallaigh
Block Patterns for Tablet Weaving
Come learn a new approach to weaving elaborately patterned bands without much if 
any pre-planning. Hands-on and discussion, suitable for beginner to intermediate 
tablet weavers.
1 hour, no fee.

Mistress Rhiannon y Bwa
14th C. Spinning Wheel Considerations
Discussion of the early spinning wheel forms found in Europe in the
14th century with a comparison to wheel forms of the 19th century.
Hands on spinning experience/demo - depending on class size. 19th
century wheel that fits into compact car will be present for use.
Possible inclusion of reproduction wheel based on medieval
illustrations as well. Wool spinning using carders.
1 hour, $1 for handout

Viscountess Rosalind Ashworthe
Tablet Weavers' Round Table
No matter what your skill level, bring your projects, and finished
pieces for show and tell!  We will have a little get together where we
can share tips, troubleshoot problems and all enjoy gabbing about one
of our favorite subjects, Tablet Weaving!   I will have beginner kits
available it you have an interest, but have never tried.  Don't be
shy, we all would love to see what you are working on.
Class is 1 hr, no fees, no special needs.