Fabric, Fiber, and Fighting XX

Greetings to all weavers, dyers, tailors, spinners, and textile workers of all persuasions!

We hoped to gather in person to celebrate the twentieth annual FFF, but our beloved Sieg Center is not available this year, and nothing else will do. Instead, FFF will be held online on October 29, 2022. Please join us as we celebrate our twentieth year! Thank you to the current hosts, the Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais, and the former hosts in the Shire of Nithgaard, for two decades of fiber fun!

Registration is still open. All registrants will receive the Zoom links. Both classes and social areas will be conducted via zoom.

Classes will be scheduled on Eastern Standard Time (America/New_York), 10am-5pm. When instructors are willing to have their classes recorded, those recordings will be made available to registrants, so it may be worth registering (it's free!) to get access later.

Mistress Elyse la Bref, Autocrat
Mistress Phiala O’Ceallaigh, Chancellor

Class Schedule

Textiles and Fabric









Textile Recreation

Beaded Nets

















Old Rag

TW Curtains





Fabric Fundamentals

Online Textiles










All times are America/New_York.

Class Listing

16th Century Undies
THL Fede di Fiore, AEthelmearc
Everything you need to know about 16 century underwear. We will be talking about the cultural context in which these garments were created; their purpose, construction and who made them. We will also how best to recreate these items, what materials work best and the rules for pattern design.

16 Century Maternitywear: 4 trimesters in garb
THL Fede di Fiore, AEthelmearc
In this class Fede will share her experience researching, constructing and wearing late period garments throughout her pregnancy and postpartum. We will discuss the cultural context in which Renaissance Italy veiwed womanhood and how that affected fashion, and what it was like to wear 16th century garments well into the 9th month of pregnancy and into postpartum.

This Old Rag
Jhone Woodcott, mistris (or goodwif), Ealdormere
Choosing and using thrift store finds, secondhand fabrics, and offcuts in your SCA projects, costumes, and accessories. Some good ideas and some really bad ones.

Tiptoe Through the Textiles
THL Caera Fitzpatrick, AEthelmearc
A broad overview of how to research and recreate any textile. Your questions welcome!

Fabric & Fiber Fundamentals
HL Mirendil of Alardas, Outlands (currently living in Trimaris)
Silk, satin, samite, serge, sheesh! What do all those words mean? An overview of the terminology of fiber and fabric, how to identify fabrics and fibers, including a brief dive into fabric history.

Wait a Sec! Round 2: More Amazing Sites Online
Mistress Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn, Midrealm
This class will be a collection of Ancient Textiles online locations in very modern settings: web sites, blogs, even a podcast or two that you might find interesting. Let's see what's popped up since we last went exploring!

Enticement to Goldwork
Lady Varvara Laska doch' Koudelka, Trimaris
A brief history of gold threads and bullion in period, followed by practicalities of using imitation vs real gold in SCA context.

Pearl Beaded Nets
Lady Varvara Laska doch' Koudelka, Trimaris
This class will teach one pattern of creating a hexagonal beaded net for use in jewelry, stomachers, or veils.

Tablet Woven Curtains
Master Rufus of Stamford, Ealdormere
A look at the giant tabletwoven curtains created in the 16th century in Ethiopia, followed by a discussion of the pains and pleasures of recreating such large scale works of art.

What's a Braid, Anyway?
Mistress Phiala O'Ceallaigh, AEthelmearc
What's the difference between a braid and a woven band? How do you explain sprang? And what does structure tell us about method? We will look at diagrams and talk about the formal and informal definitions of a bunch of different structures relevant to historical textiles.

Making Yarn
THL Glenna Cholmondeley, AEthelmearc
A study of handspinning throughout the ages.


THL Caera Fitzpatrick, AEthelmearc
Caera is a knitter, spinner and weaver who has worked on several textile recreations including 15th C linen thread from the Lengberg finds.

THL Fede di Fiore, AEthelmearc
Fede has studied 16th century costuming for over a decade. In that time she has dressed queens and her changing family. She has particular interest in undergarments; articles of clothing that were made by women for those closest to them and how that reflects on Renaissance intimacy and family life.

Mistress Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn, Midrealm
Fiadnata is a simple librarian and teacher of research, who has suddenly found herself Elevated into two Peerages and a very public position, all within the span of two and a half years. (Yes, I'm still getting used to this!).

THL Glenna Cholmondeley, AEthelmearc
Glenna has been spinning yarn for the last 30 years and teaching Fiber Arts for the last 20 years. She loves spindles and spindle wheels and has been researching early period textiles since joining the SCA.

Jhone Woodcott, mistris (or goodwif), Ealdormere
Making clothing and garb for more years than I care to remember. Weaving off and on for over 20 years. My most recent passion is recycling of textiles, and I am keen to explore the scope for this in making medieval and renaissance hats and purses.

HL Mirendil of Alardas, Outlands (currently living in Trimaris)
"I've lived in five kingdoms so far, since joining the SCA in AS X; in my early years, I was mostly known as a bard. I worked for a decade in one of the best professional costume shops in the US. Now I'm back in the SCA and enjoying teaching what I can of what I've learned.

Mistress Phiala O'Ceallaigh, AEthelmearc
Phiala likes to figure things out, most especially things with string.

Master Rufus of Stamford, Ealdormere
In ancient times, before Ealdormere was a kingdom, I learned how to weave from Peter Collingwood's book "The Techniques of Tablet Weaving". Since then I have taught numerous classes and have done demos in many museums as well as inside the viking longhouse at L'ans aux Meadows.

Lady Varvara Laska doch' Koudelka, Trimaris
Since I joined SCA in the Independent Dominion of Myrkfaelinn eighteen years ago, I have been enchanted by all aspects of fiber arts. My current focus is reaching maximum authenticity in goldwork embroidery.