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In no particular order:

Finger Weaving
This class will demonstrate some simple finger weaving techniques. Students will learn to make square cord, flat braids and what was revived in the '80's and '90's as friendship bracelets.
30 minutes | no cost | Ages 8 to 88 (class size 5 or less)
KITS INCLUDE: String in different colors and fibers

Italian Renaissance Beads and Pearls, History and Practicum
1.5 hours | $5 | Adults, limit 6 people
This class will give the students practical experience doing different bead adornment techniques, as well as some background on it's origin and historical purpose. Students will be given enough materials to create at least one brooch, though it will not actually be finished in class. While we work, a discussion of the historical role beads of various types in Renaissance Italy.
- needles and thread
- base and backing fabric
- glass and semi-precious beads and fresh water pearls
- packet of information

Title: Mammen Embroidery
Teacher: Hrefna fruthikona Thorgrimsdottir
Time: 1 hour
Class limit: Ten for the practicum, unlimited for the lecture
Fees: $2 for a kit
Description: Learn about the most famous embroidery from Viking Age Scandinavia. Kits are available for those who want to sample the style and technique.

Cindy Myers
Class TBA

3-dimensional felting
Baroness Alexis MacAlister
attendees will make a pouch out of felt and learn about other possible projects (shoes, hats, etc).
$2 - includes handout and wool.

European-style knitting
Baroness Alexis MacAlister
There are two major styles of knitting - throwing (American style) and picking (European style). Picking is *really* easy for crocheters to learn, and represents a different option for knitters who only know throwing. Attendees will learn picking, and complete a small square which can be turned into a pouch. You don't need to know how to knit *or* crochet to take this class! $5, includes handout, needles and yarn.

Snartemo Basics
Rosalind Ashworthe
This is an intermediate level tablet weaving class, breaking down the Snartemo technique (4 color TW with pattern floats)
We will be doing some hands on weaving with pre-threaded cards, and a pattern, then break down the technique to learn how to pattern yourself.
All materials provided, $2 charge, limit 6. 2hrs.

Bjorn Olafsson
Fall into some Sprang
This class is intended to introduce the student to sprang. We will start with a brief survey of period evidence and spend some time learning basic interlacing.
Class is 2 hours long and limited to 4 students.

Intro to Fingerloop Braiding
Master Bedwyr Danwyn
Learn the basic skills needed to fingerloop braid, and be able to construct a simple cord that can be used for a variety of purposes.
1 hour, no limit, no fee. (early afternoon)

Sheep and their wool
The class will provide an insight to the many, many types of wool available. Samples will be available to touch and examine. A special focus of the class will be the Northern Short-tailed breeds of sheep such as Shetland, Icelandic and Finnsheep.
No supplies necessary nor charge for the class.

Building a Warp-Weighted Loom
THLady Fiadnata ˇ Gleann └lainn
It's actually somewhat trickier than it looks! Learn about the "joys" of working with vintage hardwood boards, the frustrations of discovering tools that just aren't up to the tasks being asked of them, and (with luck) the triumph of finally conquering all and getting a loom that works. (Still pending at the time of this writing....)
One hour class.

Celtic Embroidery is Simple!...but how do I.........???
Lady Etain ingen Ruaidri
Now that you have the stitches down...where do you get your patterns? How do you get them on the fabric? What colors do you choose? This class will give you ideas to answer these pressing questions.
1 hour, please bring scissors and any questions.

Beginning Tablet Weaving
Mistress Phiala O'Ceallaigh
Seen other people do it? Tried it and gotten tangled? Need a refresher? Come learn how to use those mysterious cards and string.
Fee $2, for tablets and string. May have simple looms for purchase for an additional fee.

Master Herveus d'Ormonde
3/1 twill tablet weaving

Rhiannon y Bwa
Passementerie for Medievalists
This class investigates the history of tassels, fringe, knopfs, knots, buttons and materials used in "Passementerie" or "Mercerie". Passementerie involved complex technology taken from spinning, weaving, needlework and knotting.
Demonstrations of gimp, and needlewrought Satine, Barre, Limace.
1 hour.

Fabric of the Viking era in Britan
Baroness Cathryn of Chester
A chance to learn about fibers, weaves, and dyes, with rank comparisons, used in the 10th and 11th Century as known to the Vikings, Welsh, Anglo Saxons, etc. Please bring fabric samples to share and discuss.
No limit, no fee.