Spinning Knitting Braiding Weaving Clothing
Session 1 9:30-10:30 How to Document Adriana Constructing the Proper Medieval Purse Rhiannon Lace Net Darning Myfanwy Blackwork Bookmarks for Beginners Avitoria 10th C. Clothing and Textiles in Britain Cathryn
Session 2 10:30-Noon A Tactile Tour through the Spinning Fibers Fiadnata Classification of Textile Structures Phiala Lace Net Darning Cont. Tablet Woven Edgings Juliana Cut, Construction and Decoration of 10th. C. Kit – Cathryn
LUNCH Noon-1:00

Session 3 1:00-2:00 So, I'm Thinking about Getting a Fleece Brienna Medieval Egyptian Socks I Susanna Beginning Fingerloop Braiding Bedwyr Double Weave Tablet Weaving Juliana Decoration through Deconstruction Filipia
Session 4 2:00-3:30 Supported Spinning Anne Medieval Egyptian Socks II Susanna Seven-loop Braids for Flexible Fingers Emmelyne Double Weave Tablet Weaving Cont. The Well-Dressed Mummy Mathilde
BREAK 3:30-4:00

Session 5 4:00-5:00 Spinning with Raw Wool Anne Tacketed Bookbinding AElfswyth Accessorize your Documents with Tags and Seals Emmelyne Demystifying Snartemo Tablet Weaving Rosalind Decorative Embroidery for Garb Euriol
Session 6 5:00-6:00 Where to Stick It (needlecase) Bedwyr Tacketed Bookbindind Cont. Sprang Gullveig Demystifying Snartemo Tablet Weaving Cont.

Introduction to Armoring – Gilchrist: 10am – Noon, outside in the pavilion