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Grow, little thing

I’m going to write about Peters Valley, but the internet at home has been erratic so it’s been impossible to upload many photos. (And if you have my home phone and tried to call, I haven’t gotten it, as the phone connection is even worse. Verizon might send someone out in a couple weeks if they feel like it [even though it’s illegal for them not to maintain emergency connectivity, I think].)

But a less-photo-heavy blog I can manage.

My UCF friends sent a gift after we put Grendel to sleep: a tiny tree (for the next dog to water?). Or rather, an acorn, with all the accoutrements.

It arrived right before we went out of town, plastered with dire warnings to PLANT IMMEDIATELY. So we did, and took the tiny thing to Peters Valley with us. Along the way, it sent up its first tentative shoot, and now look at it.

oak leaves

LEAVES! That, by the way, is the view out my kitchen window. Red oaks are shade-tolerant as seedlings, but I thought it could use a bit more light so I moved it to the hall facing the courtyard.

oak leaves

oak leaves

I have wonderful friends.

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