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Digging out

I’m slowly getting through all the stuff that accumulated over the last six weeks. The piles of paper are diminishing, all the immediate crises have been averted, I’ve made a small clean spot in the office and uncovered half the desk! (The other half has novel manuscript pages on it, and is exempt from regular cleaning.)

And I’ve just re-opened the store. I really hated to close it in the first place, but there was no way I could do all my work and run a business. Fortunately I can do that when necessary, and I hope that it isn’t necessary again. If you’re one of my customers, thanks for your patience. I updated the international shipping set-up. It doesn’t look like I broke anything, but if you have trouble do let me know.

It’s raining, finally. I don’t know if it will be enough to avert the drought we’re heading toward, but it will certainly help. I think I might need to go snuggle the cat and read a book.

I was going to make bread today, to go with Janiece’s lovely jam, but I didn’t get to it. Biscuits might be just the thing, though. (How good is her jam? Well, she switched to wide-mouth jars after I complained about her narrow ones because I couldn’t get my tongue in far enough to lick up the last drops. It’s good.)

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