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The forecast says WHAT?

I did almost nothing this weekend.

Except watch it snow.


It’s a bit early for a substantial snowfall. It was a weird spring, a weird summer, and now a weird autumn. (Weird: it’s the new normal.) We didn’t get anything like the disaster that befell points east of here, but it just kept snowing.


How weird is the weather? Well, I made vegetable soup on Saturday while the snow fell, and I put the last of the tomatoes from my garden in it.


Many of the trees still had leaves on them, but in my part of Pennsylvania the snow was fluffy enough it didn’t bring many down. Other areas were not so lucky.

It was an excellent excuse to stay inside, make soup, bake, read, snuggle the dog and the cat. And Sunday was warm and sunny, and the four or five inches we got just melted away.

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