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I had a three-day weekend (Columbus Day, a US government holiday that almost nobody actually gets off), and spent it doing all kinds of interesting things: dyeing a batch of Blue Faced Leicester roving (badly, I think), spinning the camel-silk, enjoying the beautiful weather, reading trashy novels. Also cleaning the house some, and working on the website. Plus just working – that three-day weekend thing didn’t actually happen, but at least I get to work at home on days off. I wanted to work on the yard some, but despite the lovely weather I never got to it. I did spend a lot of time in the courtyard, at least.

I did no knitting (unless looking at knitting books counts?), and no weaving, just the spinning and dyeing. I’m about three-quarters done with the camel-silk, and very much looking forward to the plying and swatching and knitting part of it. But must finish the jaywalkers first, must must must. I have a staff meeting next week; that should be just about right to finish it off as long as I spend some time on that last sock this week too.

I have been a bad blogger, and still haven’t finished the next Weaving 101 post, on making heddles. There’s one more after that, on actually weaving. I will try very hard to get them both done this week. Despite taking all of 5 minutes to do, the heddles part is proving rather challenging to actually write. The last installment will be easy.

This is October, in Pennsylvania, not that you could tell from the weather. I spent the entire weekend in shorts, and I think we set some new temperature records. Highs, that is. Nevertheless, I will eventually have to abandon my beloved courtyard work area for the winter, which requires the indoor work area to be actually usable. I spent some time on that this weekend, cleaning, organizing, discarding. Much to Morgan’s dismay, his favorite chair was moved out of the room and to the curb for the trash guys. There just isn’t space in that room for a worn-out and battered chair that has only been a cat bed for the past two years, no matter how comfortable it used to be, or how beloved of the cat. He has other places to sleep, and I need the space.

To satisfy all your voyeuristic instincts, let me share with you my cleaner and more organized (no really) office/studio/stuff room (click for big):





I may have a slight problem with number of projects in progress at any one time.

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  1. #1 Laura
    on Oct 9th, 2007 at 1:59 pm

    I enjoyed the “tour!” It looks more organized than my work area, which probably contains the same amount of stuff in half the space…probably because of all the projects in varying degrees of progress (stasis, intermittant, active) and all the stuff that has project potential.