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Pack all the things

And I have:

Class supplies

Tablets, yarn, tools and equipment of all descriptions, plus a goodly pile of books. I’m off to the Peters Valley Craft Center tonight to get ready for my class tomorrow.

Everything came together quite well, I think, despite the short notice. Linda Hendrickson’s help was invaluable, especially her rapid shipping of a Bradshaw cordmaker so that I could make ply-split cords for my students.


If you intend to do much ply-splitting, you do definitely need one of these. It’s vastly more efficient than any other method of cordmaking. I’ve found SCA-appropriate historical references to ply-splitting too, so now that I’ve also got a cordmaker expect to see more on this technique, at FFF maybe.


(More ply-split photos)

We’ll be doing this, most likely (itty-bitty baskets! so cute!), and plenty of tablet weaving, and all sorts of interesting projects. Don’t you wish you were coming too?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any macro photos, so here, have a flower.


(More photos)

We’ve been spaniel-sitting. She’s a hyper little girl (coincidentally named Morgan; Morgan the ferocious monster cat is terribly unamused by her very existence), and even blurry when she’s asleep.


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  1. #1 Mom
    on Aug 29th, 2011 at 6:45 pm

    How was the hurricane?