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Right then

Thursday photos? We got those. More than I’ve been able to upload, as my home internet has been wonky for weeks, and I’ve been far too busy at work to sneak in a few minutes of photo uploading there.

But the home internet seems to be functioning today, and I got the photos uploaded. I’m going to bail on this week; there’s just no way I will ever get to it, and I’d rather decide that now than feel guilty about a fun activity.

Here are my photos from the last two weeks. I have two earlier sets to post, but probably won’t get to them for a couple days.

Last week

Playing in the grass

The grass is playing!

Birds and bunnies, and some drought-stricken grass.

Birdie sez: If you can’t get to the beach, a nice fresh puddle is good to play in.

It spans two spots, so it must be a bridge. Just not a step.

Symbolically, at least.

The week before (incomplete, but that’s all I’ve got):

Summer sunlight
Something gold (not jewelry)

Omnibus edition!

Also ripe.

Something that sparkles
Something ridiculous

I got nothin.

1 Comment on “Right then”

  1. #1 Random Michelle
    on Aug 6th, 2011 at 10:04 am

    My friend and I have a name for those huge cranes–we call them floating cranes, because on several occasions we’ve seen them we’ve seen the wheels a foot or more above the ground, but not the bit HOLDING the wheels of the ground.

    Very much a WTF moment.