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Failure to connect

I’ve been taking lots and lots of lovely photographs: the rhododendrons, the poppies, the lush roses, the first strawberry… but have not so far managed to get them and an internet connection at the same place when I have time to deal with them.

So instead, you get a quickie post with some links.

First of all, the Textilforum is having trouble getting enough attendees. Registration has been extended to June 14. I attended the first one, and it was a wonderful time and very educational. I can’t get to Europe this year, but if you can or are already there please do consider going. It’s in Austria in September, and the topic this year is plant fibers.

While I’m pleading for good causes, the Archaeological Textiles Newsletter is hurting for subscribers. Signing up has been on my to-do list for a long time. Now would be a good time for me to actually follow through, and for you too. I know many of my blog readers are interested in such things.

Laura sent me this interesting article on growing fabric. Not fiber, fabric. Neat.

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