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Random things and rain

It’s Friday. I have a long weekend. I will likely spend it working, since it’s TOO WET TO GARDEN. STILL. We dodged yesterday’s severe thunderstorms and incipient tornado, but still got minor thunderstorms and lots of rain. AGAIN. Forecast for the weekend: more of the same.

hot air balloon

See? Gray skies. This was one of the nicer days in the past few weeks: see the bits of sun glinting off the greenhouse? And for you internet stalkers, that’s the building I work in.

Despite my inability to dig in the clay that passes for my garden, the bits I did get in the ground are growing like happy damp things. This is what happens when you plant all the seeds. I’m waiting for them to get just a tiny bit bigger before I thin them, enough for a baby lettuce salad.

crowded lettuce

This one, I just call “pie.”


While I sit inside watching it rain, I have been doing other things, like actually finishing something.

knit scarf

Too cloudy for nice photos, but the scarf is done. Just need to wash it and give it to the lucky recipient.

I hope you enjoy your weekend, and if it’s sunny where you are I don’t want to hear about it.

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