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February, the new March

This was supposed to be posted in February. But I was sick, and then there were the taxes… I had a three-day weekend in there somewhere, but I spent the entire time redoing my accounting system for Stringpage Supplies, which was exactly as much fun as it sounds. It simplified doing taxes tremendously, and now that I’ve got it working right I will never have to redo it again. I hope.

I went through spreadsheets, then a very badly set-up accounting program (my doing), then back to spreadsheets. This time I put more thought into it, and more research, and the knowledge gained by three years of having a business, and have a properly set-up accounting program. Easy to update, easy to get tax information out of, thorough. Go me! And the taxes were done and filed by the end of February.

But that’s more than enough about that.

These are a chronological series of photos taken over a four-day period.

Warm weather

It was 70F out that day, and the earliest I’ve ever seen the snowdrops. They may have been up that early before, but that’s where the snow from the front walkway gets piled (no good alternatives), so I don’t see them until the pile melts long after the rest of the front flowerbed.

Then we got two inches of sleet and slush.

Icy weather

And as if that weren’t enough insult to follow the lovely warm weather, we then got four inches of snow.

Snowy weather

In the week since we’ve had all sorts of weather, pretty much, culminating in a thunderstorm and heavy rains yesterday morning. The ground isn’t all the way thawed yet, so there was a lot of minor flooding to go with it.

Now that it’s really March I’m hoping it improves rapidly, and I get to see more of those snowdrops.

The weather did make for a few interesting photos.



The woman who planted these beds did an excellent job of choosing things for all seasons, including plants that have interesting winter shapes. But I’m still ready for spring.

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