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A veritable feast

The New Year started like this (and apologies to those who’ve seen this, but photos of dawn on 1/1 are rather indistinguishable).


It continued with a great deal of cooking and eating. We’ve gotten together with Lynn and Charlie very nearly every New Year’s Day that we’ve been in the same state. This was the first year that we hosted, and we did a very good job.

There was roast beef with mushroom gravy, and Yorkshire pudding, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash (with fresh rosemary added), and salad.

And only a minor oven explosion. Really.

Followed by this chocolate thing for dessert, served with ice cream.

Lynn and I did a jigsaw puzzle, and the men talked about knives. For hours. All in all, a very satisfying day.

And we’ve been eating leftovers – quite happily – for the past couple of days.

I thought about writing an overview of 2010 in fiber arts, but it’s a long string of good intentions and unfinished projects. Just not that interesting, and too depressing to contemplate. A lot of good things happened, and some very bad ones. Overall, though, it was an overwhelming year.

2011: the year of finishing things?

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