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Catch-up day

We decided not to go to Buffalo this weekend and I’m glad. I’ll miss seeing people, but there was nothing I had to be there for, and I have a lot to do at home.

For one thing, I finished last weekend’s todo list, except that I still haven’t been to the grocery store. Still in no danger of starvation, though, and I’ll go tomorrow morning. I’ve also made great progress on this weekend’s todo list, including the very important elements of admiring the tulips (still growing) and checking for pea plants (not yet, but should be within a couple of days if the seeds were still any good). In fact, I’ve done both of those things every day for the past week.

Among other things, I’ve gotten dreadfully behind on posting links and such on the blog, and you should see my backlog of half-written articles. The worst offender – I still haven’t posted my Netherlands Textilforum photos on Flickr. A few went up today, and I will get the rest of them up eventually.


Katrin posted some new links on the Skjoldehamn outfit on her blog. (More links.)

She also posted the link for this fascinating video on passementerie making earlier in the week. It’s in French, but shows the tape looms working.

Alwen sent me a series of links on sprang sashes, including a gallery of Carol James’ work, a book by Cadou on the George Washington Collection that has a photo of his sash, and a 1859 description of a sprang machine. Thanks Alwen!

And finally, for your weekend entertainment: sheep like to jump on beds too!

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