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Sour Apple Flavored Calamari Treats*

A few brief things, before I forget about them:

tapestry image tapestry image tapestry image

Hrim Schola was lovely as usual – one of the best chances anywhere to geek string. I taught my synthetic dyes for natural fibers class, and it went very well. Lots of interest and plenty of questions. The teacher brunch the next day is the best part. This year I spent more time helping other people find cool things. I am a research enabler after all.

synthetic dyes

When I left for Poughkeepsie on Friday, only the snowdrops were visible.

spring flowers

When I returned, there were tiny crocus leaves.

spring flowers

And daffodils.

spring flowers

And even tulips. But not the new ones yet… soon, I hope.

spring flowers

I think it might be time to plant peas and spinach this weekend.

* No, these are not a real product. I hope. But I’m reading a Christopher Moore book, you see… Or you would see if you’d read any Moore yourself. And if you haven’t, then maybe you should.

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