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Afghan insights

We haven’t come up with the printed pattern yet, though there have been some good suggestions for magazines to try that I’ll pass on to the lady with the afghan.

Marie and I have been trying to reverse-engineer it on the LJ echo of that post. Here’s the close-up as a refresher (click for big, and I can post a really big one if anyone is interested).

mystery afghan

She came up with this video for raspberry stitch.

That’s the right basic idea, though this one has the bobbles in columns rather than such a strong diagonal. I found directions for knitting chevrons, complete with the zig-zag edge.

Now we just need to link the bobble with the chevron to get the chevron pattern continuing across the sections.

In other news, it’s snowing. But nothing like it is in Baltimore. Many things are closed, but I’m still at work.

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