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Spin, span, spun. And dyed.

The Gotland is all spun! There’s two skeins of S-spun/Z-plied and two skeins of Z-spun/S-plied. Why, you might ask? For fun with weaving! More to come…

Spun Gotland

I realized as I was taking the picture that I skeined them all in the same direction regardless of yarn twist. It probably doesn’t make much difference because the skeins are so loosely twisted, but it still seems like I should do it in the correct direction. Not enough to actually do anything about it, though. The one in front hasn’t been finished yet – see
the difference? These are for weaving, so I’ve been soaking them in very hot water, whacking them around a bit, then letting them dry under tension.

I don’t think I ever posted a pic of the cherry bomb roving in its final state.

Cherry bomb roving

It has now achieved its final final state. Well, penultimate final (?) since I do plan to make something from it if it is ever cool enough to touch wool again. The colors are better in the photo of the roving. I took the picture of the yarn this morning, and it wasn’t actually sunny yet.

Spun cherry bomb

But being so hot, it was a lovely weekend for solar dyeing. I didn’t get around to my solar yarn cooker improvements, but I did do two batches of roving and a silk cap that I’ve had for umpteen years. [Note to self: work with silk before doing yard work. Scraped up hands are so not compatible with fine silk.]

Dyebath 1
Dyebath 2
Dyebath 3
All dyed

The silk is dyed with the leftover dark red that I was scared to use because it looked so disgusting when wet. Know what? It’s just lovely on the silk. Of course.

In the garden, a few new things are starting. I missed one solitary white flower that I would have loved a photo of (never seen anything quite like it). Too slow, though. The clematis is the only thing in full bloom right now.


I need a taller trellis.

4 Comments on “Spin, span, spun. And dyed.”

  1. #1 Tamie - of the cool knitted socks
    on Jul 10th, 2007 at 1:46 pm

    Finally… another cat picture!

  2. #2 Laura
    on Jul 10th, 2007 at 3:13 pm

    Ooh, I like the Gotland. I’ve wanted to do a weaving with Z vs. S ever since I read Hald. I look forward to the updates!

    The colored roving is fun, too. I love how variegated roving spins up. Why don’t I do more of it? I’ll have to take care of that. Did Morgan sit on your wool?

    Several non-related asides: last night at practice I gave a drop-spindle refresher and also met another artist! And Saturday Gregorio & I showed up for the rapier at a local event which, being Viking-themed in a heavily Norse barony, was awash with Vikings. I think I actually felt more conspicuous there than I had when we stopped at the grocery store on the way!

  3. #3 Phiala
    on Jul 12th, 2007 at 10:29 am

    Tamie, how do we know you have cool knitted socks if there are no pictures????

    Laura, I will certainly keep you posted. Rumor has it my new warping board will be ready this week, so I’ll be set to go! Variegated roving is much fun, and it will be entertaining to knit with too. As soon as I decide what.

  4. #4 Laura
    on Jul 12th, 2007 at 5:15 pm

    I believe I’ve seen knitted bathing suits. ;)