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Lazy Sunday

It’s a lovely lazy Sunday here in central Pennsylvania. The heat has broken – it’s warm and sunny, but no longer so hot and humid that I think I might melt if I do more than lay on the couch. I woke up this morning with a headache, so I went back to bed for three hours. It has departed, and I think I might be caught up on sleep for the first time in a while.

garden flower

Now I’m sitting in the shade, drinking coffee, watching the folks in armor hit each other with sticks, and winding silk. I have plans for a larger tablet weaving project involving the itty-bitty silk. I’d like to have it far enough underway to at least display at Ice Dragon in March. I’m currently planning for about 300 cards, with sections in 3/1 broken twill, doubleface and Snartemo: kind of an insanity sampler. I want enough to use as the front trim on an apron dress. That seems a doable length, but then I haven’t gotten past the dyeing and reskeining stage yet.


I should also plan and weave a belt or something more practical too. It’s a bit embarrassing to be me and not have any tablet weaving that I wear routinely at SCA events. I also need to weave something that I can wear for non-SCA occasions. It’s equally embarrassing to not have anything I can wear while teaching. Most of my pieces have been given away, and my production rate is just not that high.

Speaking of teaching, I recently found out that I will be teaching at the Complex Weavers Seminar in Albuquerque in July 2010.

Tablet Weaving Tour

Tablet weaving is known from places as far apart as Finland and
Sumatra, and from Bronze Age Europe to the present. In each time and
place, this versatile technique has been integrated into the local
culture. The most common structures – warp-twining, double-face, and
3/1 broken twill – have been used in many times and places, but other
types of tablet weaving are known from only one locale. This course
will trace tablet-woven structures through time and space, and show
examples of the diversity of patterns that have been woven. The
primary focus will be on four-holed square tablets, but examples woven
with two-hole, triangular, hexagonal, and even octagonal tablets will
be presented. There will also be a brief excursion into bands that
could have been woven with tablets, but weren’t.

Participants: Any number
Supplies: None
A/V equipment: Computer projector if possible
Materials fee: None

Sound like fun? You should come! CW is an excellent conference, and Albuquerque is a fun city. (And I plan to eat as much green chile as humanly possible.)

1 Comment on “Lazy Sunday”

  1. #1 Laura
    on Aug 24th, 2009 at 5:23 pm

    Ooh, I like the proposed insanity sampler.

    I myself need to think of something appropriate to do with the tiny silk you sent me ages back. Yes, I like looking at the adorable little skeins nestled in the naalbound (naalbinded?) pouch I made, but it’s time to get them incorporated into something.

    So many projects, so little time…