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Counting it up

  • Time spent in meetings and meeting related activities in the past 3 days: 33 hours
  • Proportion of that time spent knitting: about 30%
  • Socks finished: about 3/4 a sock, but in two different pairs. The bright stripy ones are done except for finish work, and the first jaywalker has a heel.
  • Knitting needles broken: 1. Of my pretty rosewood set. On the good side, I’ve managed to completely eliminate the laddering between needles. On the bad side, the pulling involved is apparently too much for the skinny little toothpicks.
  • Pretty colored balls of roving: 4.
  • Pretty colored balls of roving that leave pretty colored spots on things while damp: 4. Drat! But I may have figured it out… more later.

1 Comment on “Counting it up”

  1. #1 Laura
    on Jun 28th, 2007 at 1:31 pm

    Arg for meetings–at least you could do some knitting. That’s too bad about your broken needle! My bamboo ones are pretty strong but I don’t think I’d dare going any smaller until I’ve done enough knitting to figure out how to relax. I’m camping this weekend and am bringing my wool & linen embroidery floss, and will finally get to testing out the lovely needles you sent me. :)

    I must say, your roving colors are much more attractive than the ones I managed on my first attempt. I got weird sherbet-y colors…but since I did it scientifically, I could avoid that the next time.

    Providing I can find where I wrote it down.