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Things to dye

Of course if I want to dye things, I need not only dye, but stuff to put in it, right? Never mind the closet full of wool, or the totes full of yarn… new acquisitions are obviously required. Enter Paradise Fibers, handy source of all things woolly. I’d never purchased from them before, but after far too much some poking around online, they had a nice selection and excellent prices, so I figured it was worth a try. And yes, nice products and fast shipping. Not perfect, though: the fibers were a bit over in weight, but the yarn was a couple ounces under. The price was supposed to be prorated by actual weight, and it wasn’t. I haven’t contacted them yet, though, so don’t take this as too much of a criticism.

Update: Now I have contacted Paradise Fibers, and got a response in less than an hour, with an apology and a credit to my account for the missing ounces of yarn. So yes, I highly recommend them, for product quality, speediness, and good customer service!

Stash expansion

And of course this is the wrong time of year to be working with wool. It was too hot the day the package arrived to do more than open it, say “Yup, that’s wool” and put it away until the weather cooled off. The inventory, from the top going clockwise:

  • brown Corriedale cross
  • worsted wool yarn for more mittens
  • some inexpensive white wool for mitten-tufts (after being turned suitably entertaining colors
  • a non-mitten acquisition: 8 oz of Gotland lamb top.

Gotland fleece

This is wool from an old breed of sheep from the island of Gotland, Sweden, intended for some sort of excessively geeky Viking-type project. I haven’t decided what yet. I want to spin some and see what it wants to be before I make up my mind. The wool is coarse, and will make a good outer garment of some sort.

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