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Ack! Deadlines!

Many things to get done by tomorrow to make editors happy, make bosses happy, and maybe get a bit of the long weekend for myself.

Three things to share with you all:

1. Still raining!

2. In all the busyness I completely forgot to plug the PA Endless Mountains Fiber Festival next weekend (!!!), Sept 6-7 in Harford, PA. It was quite nice last year. I don’t know yet if I’ll be able to go (see above, extreme busyness), but a few comments from other string people that they’ll be there might help persuade me. (Thanks, Grace, for reminding me!)

3. More haunted garden stuff:

The garden is not haunted.
Leaves rustle only from the cool night breeze.
Those flowers bloom at night for moths, not pixies.
No gnome lives in the hollow tree.
A row of garlic keeps the nonexistent vampires at bay.
Those glowing eyes definitely do not belong to a zombie.
I will go in to bed now, the bed without the monster underneath.

2 Comments on “Ack! Deadlines!”

  1. #1 Nick
    on Aug 29th, 2008 at 3:24 pm

    “I will go in to bed now, the bed without the monster underneath.”

    That’s because your monsters sleep on TOP of the bed.


  2. #2 Laura
    on Sep 2nd, 2008 at 3:42 pm

    Your monsters may be responsible for some of the glowing eyes, too.