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You’re in luck!!! I wrote a very long post early this morning about the excessively long and complicated day I had yesterday, punctuated by phrases like “11-hour work day” and “cumulative distribution function” and “vacuuming the couch”, and conspicuously lacking words like “knitting” or “yarn” or “beer”.

But no sooner did I get it written than the laptop kablooied, displaying the Blue Screen of Death fabled in story and song, and conspicuously not the post I’d written. And thus, you’re in luck, because instead you get some of the photos I’ve been hoarding. Seriously. I have over a month’s worth of photos in the backlog queue, and you’ll be lucky if I ever get around to them. Hey, maybe showing you photos from July in November will be a comforting memory of summer. Or so I’ll keep telling myself.

Arts Fest has come and gone, with its attendant remodeling of entire blocks.

Arts Fest

It fascinates me every year to watch the workers moving rocks, mulch, large trees… They create a fabulous setting for people to enjoy the live music, fair food, and other entertainments.

Arts Fest

This year the setup crew also needed a man in a bee suit with a cherrypicker.

Arts Fest

There must have been a wasp nest in one of the permanent street trees, though it seems like it would have been more efficient to just spray it. Maybe they didn’t want to leave it up there scaring the tourists, even dead?

We hadn’t bought much the past couple of years, but this year was different. I’d gotten a bit of money for my birthday, and splurged on an appealing piece of pottery.

Leaf pottery

Those are impressions of real leaves, including a fern with sori, and a dragonfly stamp (not a real dragonfly impression!). I think it is destined to hold paint brushes and such in my studio. Right now it’s on the coffeetable in the living room so it can receive sufficient admiration before being put to work. The artist (Mike Meyers) doesn’t seem to have a website, but I will check when I relocate the card that came with it.

Nick bought me a pair of earrings – what could be more perfect than steampunk laurel leaves?

Laurel earrings

Mullanium Jewelry
has many pretty, pretty things.

Happy birthday to me!

My friend Chris found a pair of old shears somewhere that he thought I’d like (and was of course quite right). Nick will do some cleaning and sharpening and tune them up, but they are very attractive even with the rust patina.

Old shears

Mixed in with the arts festing and the nonlinear regression, I’ve done a very small amount of fiber arts stuff. The first megabright sock is done (knitting, the toe is still open), but I haven’t a photo. And by the way, Nick came to a knitting night at the public library and learned to cast on and knit. Next time, purl! He found a wood cut of a Landsknecht man knitting, and now must learn himself.

Sunday afternoon was nearly perfect. The weather was gorgeous, sunny and not too hot, and I sat outside with friends chatting. I think the guys might have been fighting or something, but I was too busy spinning to notice.


This is from the silk cap that I dyed red and blue last summer. I did more in two days than I’d done in the past year. It’s going very well, and I’m enjoying it enormously. Last time I worked on it, last summer, was far too hot and humid, and everything stuck together into a horrid mess, making it impossible to spin neatly. It was so much not-fun that I couldn’t bring myself to even pick it up. But given better weather, it’s just lovely. It’s very thin, as intended, and I think I will ply it, then use it as weft in a scarf, maybe on dark gray silk warp.

Ah, a nice long post, with many photos, and even a bit of string content. I no longer feel like such a slacker. I will try for another post this week, but after that will be on vacation for a week. After that, though, hopefully I will get back into the swing. Not that a summer vacation from blogging is necessarily a bad thing, but I certainly hadn’t planned one.

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