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Holiday fun

Complex Weavers was wonderful. I met many people, attended interesting classes, spent plenty of time on a hammock by the beach chattering away with Laura, and all the other things you might expect.

Now I’m home, and engaged with yard work, house cleaning, and all those things that accumulate when you step out for even a few days. I have pictures to share, and more thoughts on the symposium, but they’ll have to wait a day or two until I get sorted out again. I will share the most surreal moment: I’m standing in line one evening, and the person behind me in line looks at me, reads my nametag. “Your blog says you’re at Complex Weavers right now.”

“Er, yeah, it does. And it’s even right!” I guess people do read this stuff.

To occupy you until I get back into the swing of things here:

– An essay on Loony Tunes by poet Billy Collins (probably my favorite modern poet).

Calendar Geeks.

For those in the US, happy Independence Day, and to the rest of the world, at least it’s Friday!

1 Comment on “Holiday fun”

  1. #1 Laura
    on Jul 14th, 2008 at 6:18 pm

    I read this last week. (Had to see what you’d been up to, of course!) Looking at it again, I’m still of the opinion that I chattered and you conversed. :)

    Hanging with you in the hammock-between-palm-trees was my favorite part of the trip, even beating out the string stuff, the lizards, and the pink bird. And in case you wondered, I’m still occasionally pondering a gear-driven bobbing fiddler crab, though I haven’t gotten to the drawing stage yet.