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Rainy Friday Photos

Today is wet and chilly, so to brighten things up I have a couple of photos from earlier this week.


Definitely not gray and glum!


In keeping with this month’s theme of special days, let’s all wish Nick a happy birthday! His present? A trip to the Cleveland Museum of Art to see the Austrian armor exhibit. No photography allowed, but I will provide a full verbal report next week.

Tonight, I think we’re going to go see Iron Man. (Hmm… do I have any knitting I can work on in in a theatre. Lace? No! Cabled sweater in a dark color? No! Hm… does this mean I must cast on a new project????? There are no socks in progress right now…)

The aerial gypsy moth bombardment has settled happily into the trees. Or rather, they’re happy, and nobody else is.

Gypsy moths

The nasty little ‘pillars are circled, because they are too small to show well on this little photo. You should be able to clearly see the lacy oak leaves, though.

My plan for the weekend: watch it rain, and get all the stuff that needs to be added to the webshops posted! I still haven’t skeined the sock yarn, nor have I listed the tablets on Stringpage Supplies. I’m making progress on a number of important things at work, but that’s not leaving enough time for the other stuff! I also have some ideas I want to pursue this weekend… (and all this, even the boring and tedious parts of the store updates, sounds like so much more fun than the boring and tedious project I’m working on here in the office today. At least I can listen to podcasts while I work [shhhh…. don’t tell anyone].)

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