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Lovely things

Indoor springtime! I decided I wanted to start seeds successfully this year, and after investigating all the options, I decided to purchase the fancy shelf unit from Gardener’s Supply. I went kind of crazy ordering seeds during a snowstorm (there’s no way I can fit seven kinds of heirloom tomatoes into my three raised beds, but so pretty). I finally got the shelves put together. They are very sturdy, and went together nicely.


There is light! It’s too early to start tomatoes, but maybe some herbs or flowers? I need to sort through the seeds and see what I can start when. It helps to distract me from the bitter, bitter cold.

The cold has been less trouble than it might have been, because a Lovely Friend (who may choose whether or not to take credit) sent us beautiful and comforting knitwear. Aren’t these Laurel mitts just lovely? I’ve been wearing them just about nonstop for the past few days.


Lovely Friend also sent something for Thorvaaldr, who is just as enthusiastic but has spent fewer hours wearing his present.


I’ve been knitting myself, on more things to dress Eugene rather than anything fancy or elaborate. Still, pretty and warm.


The article about us dressing Eugene was passed on to the sculptor and the donors, and all were thrilled. Such fun! And a good thing as well.

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  1. #1 Laura
    on Feb 16th, 2015 at 8:30 pm

    Fun indeed! Yay for lovely warm knitted things and gardening paraphernalia.

    We are having strangely warm weather–warm enough to open windows! It will be a little cool in my apartment by the time I get home, but it’s such a treat to have fresh air.