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Spring in Pennsylvania

I thought you might like to see some updates on the bulbs.

This bed has snowdrops, tulips and daffodils.


And here are the crocuses.


Looks like about 4 inches, and still falling. Happily, the long trips to New York were the past two weekends, and today I can stay home and drink coffee.


And catching up:

Hi Virag! Nice to see you here. We stayed in PA for Thanksgiving last year because Laura came to visit. I haven’t written a tutorial for the pick-up bands yet, but I have all the photos taken. I just need to find time to write it. Since I know someone is interested, I’ll try to move it up the queue.

1 Comment on “Spring in Pennsylvania”

  1. #1 Laura
    on Mar 24th, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    Snow! Your forecast was right!

    Ours wasn’t–it was sunny Saturday and didn’t rain. It *did* rain yesterday, even some heavy rain. (In Oregon rain is usually pretty light.) It is sunny now, but is supposed to rain later.

    I’m keeping an eye on the budding rowan mini-thicket by my apartment–a tree I was fond of was cut down. It was sick, but I was still sad, and very glad it started sprouting from its stump! I have it in mind I need a rowan spindle shaft.

    Hope you enjoyed your snowy home day with coffee.