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Professional responsibilities

Apparently one of my professional responsibilities is eating. I spent the day at a Pennsylvania agriculture conference, and I think I spent the entire day eating and sitting. It always amazes me how tiring that is. There were some very interesting talks, and some talks on aspects of agriculture that I know nothing about, so it was educational as well. Plus, these are large-group activities, so I can sit in the back and knit. The second sock of the blue and green pair now has a heel, and I’m working the instep decreases (my least favorite part of a sock, because it seems to last forever).

Central Pennsylvania got 2.5 inches of rain last night, and there is widespread flooding. Penn State has suggested that everyone boil their water, but the town water has not been accused of unsafeness. Some of the major roads follow major rivers, and are closed due to flooding. Happily for me, my water is drinkable and my basement is dry.

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