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Problem solved

Laura and I are going to Complex Weavers in Tampa, FL this summer. Peter Collingwood is the guest of honor – you know I’ll be there!

That was the easy part. But Convergence is right before it, also in Tampa, and I’ve been debating whether to go to the giant weaving conference as well as the small weaving conference. (Oh, the shopping!) If I have to fly to Tampa anyway… But it’s expensive, and I’d need a place to stay, and Laura’s only going to CW… so I’ve been debating.

Debate no more… if I don’t go to Convergence, then I should have money for SOAR, the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat, which will be just down the road in northeastern Pennsylvania in early October. Some of my favorite fiber bloggers will be teaching, including Abby Franquemont and Sara Lamb. How very exciting!!! When can I register?

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