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Where’s Waldo? Or rather, Phiala?

Clue 1:

building facades

This was taken along Main Street, just a block from the river.

Clue 2:

painted horse

These are all over the place, and all different.

Clue 3:

giant bat

Oh, must be Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Louisville Slugger!

I’m here for a professional conference, and have been since Saturday. Gotta love that 6am flight out of State College! I’ll be here until Wednesday evening. My talk is on Tuesday, which implies that I should probably finish it at some point today, don’t you think? I have 20 minutes to yammer, but 30+ minutes of material. Some of my beloved graphs must go.

This morning, though, is devoted to the welcome speeches and plenary session. The latter, for anyone not involved in academic conferences, is the big-name speaker who gets the conference to himself (or, much less common at this meeting, herself). The rest of the time there’s more than one session at a time, but the plenaries are when everyone sits in the same room to listen to the same person. But it’s okay – I brought knitting.

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