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It seems like everything I’ve done with string for the past couple years has been for classes and articles and such, and it feels wrong to me to put much of that on the blog. If nothing else, someone has paid money for that piece of knowledge, and I don’t want to just give it away for free.

Which reminds me: I don’t think I ever mentioned here that I have an article on nearly foolproof kivrim/ram’s horn in the Fall 2012 issue of TWIST. If you’ve ever struggled with that pattern (and you’re by no means the only one!), this article is for you. (A new subscription is $10, and you get access to the back issues. Why not join right now?)


I had help putting together the sample, of course.


There are certain advantages to having an elderly cat: he sat on my lap while I wove the sample, and merely made faces at me when I used him as a photo accessory. When the eventual replacement kitten(s?) show up I’ll be back to weaving behind closed doors.

Lots of samples, lots of demonstration pieces. Interesting, useful, but not necessarily fun.

And then there’s this.


I was messing around with a tiny pin loom. It’s actually an adjustable kit that I picked up several months ago with a half-off coupon and finally got to play with. The pieces aren’t for anything, no class or article or workshop in my future. They’re just for fun.

Because, you know, I like string.

4 Comments on “Playtime”

  1. #1 Laura
    on Feb 27th, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    Hooray for fun string and kitties.

    When it comes time for new kitties…how many kittens might it take to balance one boxer? ;)

  2. #2 Phiala
    on Feb 27th, 2013 at 5:43 pm

    Oooh. Two, at least. I like having cats in pairs, especially young ones. And that way they can gang up on the dog.

    They’ll also have a safe dogless place to escape to, of course. The dog gets all the disadvantage here.

  3. #3 Laura
    on Feb 27th, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    Only two? I was thinking perhaps five! They could tag team him and he could chase kittens until he was exhausted.

    Dogless place – especially when they’re small, they will fit into many places the dog could only dream of going…well, except I suppose he’d be game to try chewing his way through just about anything.

  4. #4 Phiala
    on Feb 27th, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    There’s something to be said for a whole litter of kittens keeping the boxer entertained. They could rotate in, little kitty relay racers.

    There’s now a gate with a latch across the hallway at the edge of the living room, high enough set that a cat can go under it but Trygvi can’t. Morgan got the bedroom to himself, and as much of the living room and kitchen as he wanted to take possession of.

    We’ve kept the gate up, just to cut down on the area that the boxer can destroy when nobody’s looking.