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I didn’t expect Milwaukee

I thought I was going from State College to Omaha by way of Detroit, but when I arrived at the airport at 5am, I learned that half (!!!) the planes that were supposed to fly out that morning had not arrived the night before due to weather wherever they were coming from. Including mine. The desk agent told me I could get to Omaha tomorrow, but then relented and found an alternative route that included an extra 6 hours of travel, two different cities (Philadelphia and Milwaukee, but no longer Detroit), but did get me to Omaha that day. It also took me for a ride on Midwest, an airline I’d never flown. They have nice roomy seats and good hot chocolate chip cookies, so it wasn’t all bad.

That was yesterday, and it’s a good thing, since there was an ice storm overnight and most of the flights into Omaha were canceled. I wouldn’t have gotten here at all! I’m staying at a very nice lodge in Nebraska City, and don’t plan to go outside until Thursday unless the weather greatly improves. This is a work trip, and I have indeed been working very hard, but I’m done for the day and plan to go knit by the fireplace until dinnertime.

Alas, I remembered the camera but forgot the cable, so you all will have to wait for photographs until I get home.

1 Comment on “I didn’t expect Milwaukee”

  1. #1 Laura
    on Dec 12th, 2007 at 4:14 pm

    So you’re staying in the same place where the work stuff is? That is excellent, esp. given the weather.

    Knitting by the fireplace–oh, that sounds nice.

    It reminds me that I have a fireplace. I should sit by it soon.

    Hope that your exodus from Nebraska is much less eventful.