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Posts from ‘May, 2014’

Naalbinding speed?

I received an email question recently about the relative efficiency of naalbinding and knitting. Many of the very experienced naalbinders I know find it as fast as knitting, but all of the novice naalbinders find it much slower. I don’t know of any formal study of the subject, but how about an informal survey? If […]

Smell like a Viking

York Visitor Centre created a Viking-scented body spray. No really: I’m not making this up, and it isn’t April 1. Mead, blood, smoke, seawater and so much more. Not only that, you can get a Smell-o-vision travel guide. I’m… amazed. Or something. I wonder how I can find a decant of the body spray for […]

Odds and ends

A link I’ve been meaning to pass along: samples of 18th century dyed felt. Pretty! Instead of doing fiber arts (or rather, fiber arts I can talk about), I’ve been learning how to do some photo manipulation. I have a lot to learn, but I’m having fun. Actually, that’s not entirely true: I have been […]