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Wonderful things

Such things! “The Eddic Poem of the Vikinges Who Do Go Berserk” Oon Vikinge, al aloon Carveth a bynde-rune on a bone. Two Vikinges heed the calle And steer their longshippes to hys halle. “God-night, Rune“: An Old English Translation Cassandra Rasmussen Goodnight, Rune. Goodnight, Stone. Goodnight to the sleeping king, laid alone. Goodnight goblets, […]

Doing what we do

This essay by Sara Lamb resonated with me: I told her I love textiles, I wish more people did, and wish more people understood what makes a good textile, what makes good technique, and in support of that, I am willing to share what I know. I know a very small portion of the textile […]

Still alive

If just barely for a bit. But home, recovering, starting to think about fiber arts again. Prompted by this, in part, courtesy of a group of fabulous friends. What to do with two skeins of qiviut? (And science qiviut too, from the Large Animal Research Station!). Something wonderful, a lace scarf almost certainly, just as […]

Free Norse clothing book

Via Katrin Kania: Aarhus University Press is doing a free ebook of the month series, it seems, and this month’s book is Medieval Garments Reconstructed: Norse Clothing Patterns by Lilli Fransen, Anna Nørgård and Else Østergård.

Moving right along

The Archaeological Textiles group has the rudiments of a website now. If you are interested, please head over there to get information on how to sign up for the email list. While some parts of the study group will be restricted to Complex Weavers members, the email list is open to all. Our first plans […]


I had fully intended to take good pictures of the new resident of my household, but Cawti nosebumping and marking the iron chicken was far too cute to ignore no matter HOW bad the lighting was. No, I am not entirely certain why the chicken was in the bedroom. Honest. Miss Chicken needs a name. […]

Archaeological Textiles

Laura Thode and I are proposing a new study group on archaeological textiles for Complex Weavers. And when I say “Laura and I,” I mean that she has done all of the work. The announcement appears in the current CW newsletter. The medieval textiles study group has been defunct for many years now, and we’d […]

Weekend reads

Need something to read? The online archive of the Textile Society of America Proceedings goes back to 1988, and includes all sorts of fascinating information on textile technology, culture, trade, symbolism, and much more.  How about an odd intersection of entomology and history? Fly larvae in the sarcophagus of Isabella of Aragon tell us something […]

Naalbinding speed?

I received an email question recently about the relative efficiency of naalbinding and knitting. Many of the very experienced naalbinders I know find it as fast as knitting, but all of the novice naalbinders find it much slower. I don’t know of any formal study of the subject, but how about an informal survey? If […]

Smell like a Viking

York Visitor Centre created a Viking-scented body spray. No really: I’m not making this up, and it isn’t April 1. Mead, blood, smoke, seawater and so much more. Not only that, you can get a Smell-o-vision travel guide. I’m… amazed. Or something. I wonder how I can find a decant of the body spray for […]