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Textile papers: the Textile Society of America newsletters and symposium proceedings are online. There’s a huge range of articles here, on pretty much everything you could think of. I’d looked a long time ago for the Mendelschen Hausbook online and couldn’t find it. But I recently received a link to a collection of the plates, […]

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Bored? Need something to read? I’ve got you covered. From Katrin, by way of Laura (thank you! I’m so behind on reading blogs right now.): free access to a whole bunch of German academic books through the end of August. If you find something interesting, please leave a comment: my poor German and I don’t […]

So much laundry

Pennsic was lovely, not too hot and not too wet. I went to a lot of meetings, led some weed walks, did some weaving. Nick insists that most people who need a bookmark don’t whip out their leftover yarn and weave one. I thought he was probably confused: of course people do that. So I […]